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Here's a roundup of all the Vernon-related Facebook pages we know of.

If you’re aware of any more, let us know

Please note that none of these pages are offical pages of the Town of Vernon.

(See also our directory of Vernon businesses.)


Vernon, Vermont is the principal, but unofficial, town Facebook Group.

Vernon Vt Neighborhood Watch is a newly formed group tied in with First Constable Don Rosinski

Vernon Watch Group — residents sharing safety information

Vernon VT Farmers Market — residents who sell farm goods, homemade goods, anything you might see at a farmer’s market

Vernon Vendors — online craft fair of local Vernon vendors

Vernon Elementary School

Vernon Recreation Department — info on seasonal programs of the Vernon Recreation department

Vernon Fire Department — official page

Vernon Historians — postings about Vernon's past

Vernon Union Church — official page

I grew up in Vernon, VT — private group

Windham County Sheriff’s Office - Vernon Division — official page

Vernon Trail Riders- Snowmobile Club

Vernon Vermont Area Online Tag Sale — items for sale in Vernon

Vermont Woods Studios — Vernon business selling eco-friendly hardwood furniture

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant — a legacy page, no longer being updated following the shutdown of the plant

Vernon Police Department (Vernon no longer has a police department, but the page is still there.)

Margaret Shipman, Vernon-based artist

Vernon Advent Christian Church — public page

Miller Farm — fifth-generation Vernon farm selling local milk

Mountain View Seventh-Day Adventist Church — official page

Ray’s Shoe Repair (Out of business, but the page is still there.)

Tiny Bread Box

Vernon Elementary School — unofficial page