Town Reports



These reports are for the 12-month fiscal years ending June 30 in the years listed.

The Annual Report contains the town's financial statements, reports of boards, committees and officers, proposed budget for the following fiscal year, town meeting warrant, prior year town meeting minutes, and more.

The Audit Report presents the findings of the independent auditors of the town's financial statements.

2022 Annual ReportTown-Audit-report-2022 -March 6 2023 Town Meeting Warning

2021 Annual Report2021 Audit ReportWarning for the May 1, 2022  Town Meeting

2020 Annual Report — 2020 Audit ReportWarning for May 23, 2021 Town Meeting

2019 Annual Report2019 Audit Report

2018 Annual Report2018 Audit Report

2017 Annual Report2017 Audit Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report