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We’ve collected a number of maps of Vernon, and we’d be happy to post any others you may discover — just email us with a link or PDF file!

NOTE: Large-format print versions of any of the maps below that were created by Windham Regional Commission may be obtained by contacting the commission.

Google maps

Vernon, Vermont


Highway maps

Vermont Department of Transportation Town Highway Map

Historic Highway Maps archive, 1931-present  — At Vermont Agency of Transportation site. Select Vernon, click on map names, not metadata link. Some maps are PDF, some are TIF format. If you want metadata, click on that and it will appear at the bottom of the list.

Vernon Village Center map

This map shows the Vernon Village Center area as approved in 2017 for Village Center Designation by the Vermont Downtown Board.

Here's a much more detailed Vernon Village Center map created by the Windham Regional Commission. 


Bike Routes maps

Windham Regional Commission Bike Routes Map (Southeastern Vermont, including Vernon) (PDF)

Connecticut River Scenic Byway Bike Map (includes sections in Vernon)


Topographical maps

Vernon maps and information from the U.S. Geological Survey. You may select multiple data layers and zoom in for higher resolutions.

The town falls into four different U.S. Geological Survey quadrants, so it takes four maps to cover the town.

Historic as well as current USGS topographical maps dating back to the 1890s can be accessed via this interactive tool.


Roaring Brook Wildlife Management Area

PDF description and map from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

Skibniowsky lot (27 acres) added to the RBWMA in 2020

Lillis Pasture lot (400 acres) added to the RBWMA in 2020

Conserved land around Lily Pond and location of Skibniowsky parcel


Trails in Vernon — includes Town Forest, snowmobile trails, Fort Dummer trail, Class 4 (unmaintained) town roads, and legal town trails (former town roads on which the town has maintained a public right of way)

J. Maynard Miller Municipal Forest (Vernon Town Forest with black gum swamps)

Brattleboro area hiking trails (includes a Vernon trail in Fort Dummer State Park)

Connecticut River Wantastiquet Region Heritage Trail (includes a portion through Vernon)


Vernon Airports

There are two registered airports in Vernon. In both cases, call ahead before landing — owner permission is required!

Miller Farm Airfield — MAP

Blodgett Airfield — MAP

Water Features and Resources

Lily Pond water depth map

Windham Regional Commission Water Features Map (Southeastern Vermont, including Vernon) (Very large PDF download, be patient.)

Vernon Water Resources (Connecticut River Joint Commissions, 2008)

Regional boating map (Connecticut River Joint Commissions) — boating info


Additional Map Resources

Windham Regional Commission maps index page

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Geological Survey online maps and reports (many maps of geological features of regions that include Vernon)

The Vermont Interactive Maps viewer can be used to explore Vernon (and the rest of Vermont) in minute detail. It provides access to multiple layers of information including parcel boundaries (and ownership/tax valuation information), elevation lines, land uses, soil conditions, etc.)


Original lotting plan, 1777

Plan of the town of Vernon copied from the original survey of Phineas Munn A.D. 1777 at the request of Stebbins. Drawn by C.A. Hines A.D. Note: Vernon was originally (1672) part of Northfield Mass. then (1736) Fall Town (Fallstown) Mass. Hinsdale was created by a New Hampshire grant in 1753. Hinsdale was on both sides of the Connecticut River, including all of Vernon. With the separation of Vermont from New Hampshire, Hinsdale, Vermont and Hinsdale, N.H. were separate towns facing each other across the river. Hinsdale, Vermont was renamed Vernon in 1802. This map shows a portion of the 1753 New Hampshire grant.

Vernon in 1869

Town map from the 1869 F. W. De Beers atlas of Windham County (includes business directory)