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The next elections are  in March of 2024.

Vernon Town Meeting  March 4, 630 PM at Vernon  School

Vermont Presidential Primary, plus election for town officers and the school budget March 5 from 7 until 7 at Vernon Town Hall downstairs.

Early Ballots are now available for Vermont’s March 5th Presidential Primary. Ballots may be requested in person, be emailing, or by going on line at

Name Party
Ryan L. Binkley Republican
Chris Christie Republican
Ron DeSantis Republican
Nikki Haley Republican
Vivek Ramaswamy Republican
Donald J. Trump Republican
Joseph R. Biden Jr Democratic
Mark Stewart Greenstein Democratic
Jason Michael Palmer Democratic
Dean Phillips Democratic
Cenk Uygur Democratic
Marianne Williamson Democratic


For the Presidential Primary you must request either a Democratic or Republican ballot, and by law we cannot send you both. Please make out the ballot, place in the ballot envelope with your name signed on the ballot envelope and return it either by mail, in  person, or in the outside drop box at Town Hall. The Primary vote will be 7 to 7 March 5th downstairs at Town Hall. Early ballots  are available until 5PM March 4th.

The annual Town election will also take place on that date. Here's a sample ballot

Sample town ballot March 5 2024


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Vermont will also hold a state primary in August and the general election in November of 2024