Elderly Assistance Board

The Elderly Assistance Board was founded with the purpose of providing help to Senior residents in need with the goal of helping them stay in their homes.   We appreciate neighbors looking out for a neighbor as that is what we are about however, we must have requests for assistance from the resident. This includes family members. Any and all requests received are shared with only the Board members for approval and funding. Requests are then shared with any necessary agency or volunteer in order to complete the work.

Our major yearly expense continues to be snow removal. We appreciated your patience during storms in getting your drives and walk ways cleared.   We also ask that if you have asked for snow removal assistance please be aware of the rules that have been set forth. In the past we cleared numerous roofs due to the amount of heavy snow and will continue to do so as the need arises. Please remember this is for homes only not out buildings.

We continue to donate every year to the Brattleboro Senior Meals that are delivered to several of our Vernon residents.

A special thanks to the voters of Vernon who approve the funds so that we can continue to provide assistance. The Board is always looking for volunteers who could provide rides, help with small household tasks, etc. Stipends are available.   Please contact a Board member if you are available to help.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.