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Road Closing

RT 142 Closure at the Railroad Crossing

Rt 142 in Vernon will be closed at the Railroad Crossing south of the Miller Farm for maintenance on Wednesday, Aug. 24th and Thursday Aug. 25th.  This crossing will be open on Friday Aug. 26th. Please seek alternative routes.

ALTERNATE ROUTES: To get to Brattleboro or the northern part of Vernon from south of this crossing, go south on 142 to Route 10, turn right on 10, get on 91 North to Brattleboro. OR, turn left on 10, go to Northfield, turn left on 63, then left on 119 through Hinsdale to Brattleboro. Route 91 is probably faster, the Northfield/Hinsdale option is probably shorter.

TRASH AND MAIL: At this time it is anticipated that trash will be picked up normally on Thursday, and mail will be delivered.

The reason that the road will be fully closed the entire time is that an 80-foot section of rail will be removed and replaced with a new section, and then the road will be repaved across that. So with a single section of rail involved, it can not be done one half at a time.