House number signs: The Vernon Vounteer Fire Department is offering reflective house nmber signs, to make sure responders can get to your house in an emergency. The service is offered by donation, and forms are available at the Town Clerk's office. If you'd like to make a donation, youy can make out a check to VFAI PO Box 432 Vernon Vt 05354


Windham 1 House District Primary results

Primary results for Vermont House District Windham 1 ( Guilford and Vernon)

 Democratic Primary

  Sara Coffey             652

  Nancy Gassett             2

  Jared Bristol                 1

   Blank                           38


Progressive Primary

  Sara Coffey                   1

  Blank                              3


Republican Primary

  Nancy Gassett           169

  Sara Coffey                     5

  Alex Dunklee                  1

  Rebecca Kerr                   1

  Blank                               31