Free child care at town meeting: Town Meeting is Monday at 630 PM in the Vernon School Gym There will be free child care in the school Auditorium.


Local filing period opens

Petitions are available for people interested in running for town wide office in Vernon. The local election will be March the first of 2022. Petitions with at least 19 signatures and consent forms must be filed with the Vernon Town Clerk by 5 PM on January 24th of 2022. If you have any questions please contact the Clerk’s office at 802 257 0292 , or e mail

Here are the positions to be elected, along with the current office holder.


Now held by:

Town Moderator one year                     

Timothy Arsenault

School District Moderator one year

Timothy Arsenault

Town and School Clerk three years

Timothy Arsenault

Select board three years

Sandra Harris

Select Board two years

Thomas Guerino

Listers three years

Carol Hammond

First Constable one year

Jesse Jobin

Second Constable one year

Jonathon Bratton

Delinquent Tax Collector one year  

MaryLynn Scherlin

School Director  three years

Kari Sparks

School Director two years

Walter Breau