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Update on Tropical Storm Henri

For current information, see National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service Flood Safety Tips and Resources

Sunday Afternoon -Sunday Night:


-Winds will increase rain showers and heavy rain bands will move in.  Likely through the overnight hours.




**Monday Morning through Monday Afternoon:**


Heavy rains and winds arrive, high probability of sustained 30-40MPH winds with some gusts of 58-73 MPH are possible. 




**This is where the highest probability of flooding will occur.**


Monday night into Tuesday:


Henri has mainly shifted towards the coast, rain showers and isolated downpours expected.


Total rain accumulations expected 3-6″.  In high terrains and in isolated areas higher rainfall is expected. 




-The next 10-12 hours more details will become available



-Small Streams and rivers are the current main concern.  National Weather Service is NOT  at this time predicting river crest on the Connecticut River.



-The main concern currently is where the high intensity rain bands fall and when. This will determine the bulk of the potential damages.  Looking at current radar predictions the biggest concerns will occur in the daylight hours tomorrow.  




In comparison to Hurricane Irene, Henri does not appear to carry the same capacity as the track of the storm and the strength of the storm are not the same.  There is still time for Henri to build strength and shift its course but at this time it does not appear to be a strong possibility.



With this being said Hurricane Henri should still be taken seriously and you should stay up to date with changes as they occur.  We all know the weather loves to change!  One thing to keep in mind is the ground is still saturated with water, and any rainfall we receive will cause rivers and streams to rise faster than normal.  




Damage Probability:


-Right now damage risks are still moderate.  Heavy rains can still lead to power outages, road washouts rapid water elevation in streams and rivers contributing to flash floods are all possible.  As the storm nears we will have a better read on potential damages.






-Green Mountain Power is on standby and is ready to respond, also has additional crews as needed.  




General Safety:


-Should you need to utilize your home generator please set it up outdoors away from your house and only use in a well ventilated area.  Using a generator indoors will create a CO problem in your home and is fatal. 


-Do not approach downed power lines or trees.


-Do not cross flooded roads. 




Should you have questions please reach out.  


For EMERGENCIES as always call 911.