School board budget info: Zoom meetings; March 2 vote: Good News on Taxes From the Vernon School Board What’s the bottom line? The Vernon School Budget for fiscal year 2022 is being presented in the amount of $6,315,848 or a 0.6% decrease over our current budget. What does this mean for my taxes? Based on the most recent information from the State, we anticipate that the school property taxes you pay will be lower than last year. We estimate the decrease to be: House Site Value Estimated ​Decrease​ in School Taxes $100,000 -$28 $150,000 -$42 $200,000 -$56 $250,000 -$70 What am I voting on? “Shall the voters of the Vernon Town School District authorize the School Board to expend $6,315,848, which is the amount the Vernon Town School Board has determined to be necessary for the ensuing fiscal year? It is estimated that this proposed budget, if approved, will result in education spending of $17,638 per equalized pupil. This projected spending per equalized pupil is 2.7% higher than spending for the current year.” If our taxes are going down, why does the ballot reference a 2.7% increase? The State of Vermont mandates that ballot questions be written using “spending per equalized student”. Bottom line is that our budget is DOWN and school taxes are estimated to be going DOWN compared to last year. Where can I get more information? The VES Board will be hosting two information sessions via ZOOM. (For both meetings, start at w​​ and click “JOIN A MEETING” in the upper right of the screen.) Monday, February 22nd at 6:30 pm Meeting ID: 818 8618 1528 Passcode: aFqE4d Monday, March 1st at 6:30 pm Meeting ID: 863 5276 0806 Passcode: J0mteF … or contact a School Board member: Kerry Amidon 254-9745 Walter Breau 254-2817 Chad Mulverhill 490-2874 Hannah Rosinski 380-1513 Kari Sparks 490-6319 Election day is Tuesday, March 2nd. If you have questions on when and where to vote, contact the Town Clerk at 257-0292 or ​​


Town Clerk’s news, Feb. 2021

Applications for early ballots in Vernon’s March second election are now being accepted. Please e-mail, use, or call the office between 7 and 5 Monday through Thursday. Voting, with masks and social distancing, will take place downstairs at Vernon Town Hall from 7 AM until 7 PM on Tuesday March 2. The rest of town meeting has been postponed until the week of May 10, due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. A time and place will be announced at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. If you have not registered to vote, or just want to check if you are registered, please contact the Town Clerk’s office.

A reminder that dog licenses are now due, and must be paid by April 1 to avoid a penalty. License fees are $9  for spayed and neutered dogs, and $13 for those who are not. A current rabies certificate must be given to our office at the time of licensing. All dogs 6 months and older must be licensed EVERY YEAR. Contact the Town Clerk’s office if you have any questions, as we can mail or email you the form, and you may use our outside drop box for payment.

Tim Arsenault, CVC, Vernon Town Clerk
802 257 0292
Open Mon-Thu 7-5