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The petition to reinstate food scrap bins is cancelled

The planned circulation of a petition to restore a drop-off facility for food scrap collection is being cancelled because its purpose conflicts with current Vermont State Solid Waste Regulations.  It is no longer allowable to collect such large quantities of organic scraps at a drop-off facility. 

At the time that Vernon’s program was discontinued, weekly collection was exceeding 4 cubic yards.  The State of Vermont now limits such facilities to a maximum of 144 gals (about 3/4 cubic yard) per week. 

Although there is great local need for convenient and cost effective collection and disposal of food scraps and other organic/compostable waste material, we cannot continue to do it the same way, even though it worked so well in this place.  However, efforts will continue until another practical and affordable solution is found.  It will take more time, but it will be properly done. 

I wish to thank all those who expressed encouragement and offered their valuable help with the petition effort in order to put an Article up for vote at the 2021 Vernon Town Meeting.  Your offers clearly revealed the amount of interest and enthusiasm that remains around this issue. 

Thank you all, 


Sandra Rulewich