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Are you missing your ballot? Here’s what to do.

For general information about all the ways to vote this year, see this previous story. To see a video by Town Clerk Tim Arsenault about precisely how to fill in, fold and mail your ballot, click on this YouTube video. To view or download a sample ballot, click here.

For information about what to do if you have not yet received a ballot by mail, read on:

The Town Clerk’s office has received, returned from the post office, nearly 150 ballots that were mailed by the Vermont Secretary of State’s office to registered voters, but could not be delivered. Often this is because the address on the registration list is different from the address where the voter receives their mail. Tim and his office are diligently working through these, trying to get them to those voters. 

But you can help. If you are a registered voter and have NOT received a ballot in the mail, please do the following:

  1. Email the Town Clerk at
  2. Include your name and your FULL mailing address, including any apartment number, unit number, or USPS mailbox number.
  3. Also include your phone number so Tim can reach you with any questions.
  4. If you do not have email ability, please call Tim’s office at (802) 257-0292, Ext. 11.

What will happen: Once Tim has the correct mailing information, your ballot will be mailed out to you immediately. Once you receive it, you can vote in any of the ways detailed here

In the event you have not received your ballot AND it is not among the ones returned to the Town Clerk, it could be because of one of two things:

  1. You might not actually be a registered voter. If this is the case, you can register, online or in person, anytime up to and including the day of the election (Nov. 3).You can find full information about how to register here.
  2. You are registered, but your ballot might have gotten lost somewhere — in the mail, or perhaps at your house if it was inadvertently tossed out or mislaid. If this is the case, Tim can issue you a replacement ballot. (There are double checks in place to ensure that you do not vote twice or that more than one ballot is cast using your name.)

Please remember that the Clerk’s office is open Monday-Thursday, closed Friday-Sunday. If you have any questions, again, be in touch with Tim at or (802) 257-0292, Ext. 11. (And please do not post questions for Tim on the Vernon Facebook Group, he might not see it there. Email or phone.)