Vermont seeking comment about Hud Programs: Each year the State of Vermont - Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Agency of Human Services and Vermont Housing and Conservation Board receives funding for HUD programs through the Consolidated Plan or Annual Plan update process which identifies priorities based on needs from the housing needs assessment, market analysis, citizen and stakeholder input.  At the end of the program year the state is required to report on the performance outcomes outlined from those plans in their Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER).  They have completed the FY22 Program Year DRAFT CAPER which includes the outcomes for the following programs: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Emergency Solutions Grant Program (ESG); and Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV) Emergency Solutions Grant Program CARES Act (ESG-CV).   As a representative for a unit of general local government, please share the attached notice with your local residents including minorities,The state is seeking comments by September 27, 2023.


Selectboard Meeting October 6, 2020

Here is the October 6th Selectboard meeting.  Scroll down for time-stamped agenda.  Minutes will be here  when available.

0:00:08 – Call to Order

0:00:13 – Regular Meeting / Welcome

0:00:44 – Additions to the Agenda

0:01:41 – Chairs Remarks

0:02:03 – Open Public Comments (Agenda items only)

0:02:09 – Guests

0:02:24 – Department/Committee Report
Update from Mark Snow and David Emery on COVID 19 situation.

0:21:38 – Approval of Minutes
September 15, Regular Meeting
September 16, Budget Meeting
September 16, Emergency Meeting
September 20, Emergency Meeting
September 30, Budget Meeting

0:23:25 – Treasurer’s Report
0:29:20 – Bills and Warrants: Accounts payable –

New Business
0:46:10 – I. Joint Meeting with Capital Plan Committee
a. Discuss Needs Assessment Planning
b. Establish Direction based on Assessment
1:16:28 – II. Property Management Discussion
1:59:21 – III. Town Administrator Recruitment Discussion
0:32:22 – IV. Fire Dept. Gas Cards
0:42:37 – V. Rec Board Appointment

IV. Old Business
1:23:16 – 1. Town Office re-opening discussion
1:32:00 – 2. Discussion on South School Annex Roof / Ceiling
1:50:58 – 3. EMS Update
1:57:15 – 4. Preschool

2:01:27 – III. Public Participation (non-agenda items only)

None – Correspondence

2:01:33 – Town Administrator Report –

2:01:36 – Upcoming Meeting Schedule
October 7, Budget Meeting
October 20, Regular Selectboard Meeting
October 21, Budget Meeting

2:02:03 – Adjournment