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VY COVID-19 cases: an update

We’ve received this update from Corey Daniels, senior manager at NorthStar Decommissioning Co., regarding the recently reported two cases of COVID-19 among workers at the plant:

One had close contact with a significant other that had tested positive, and got tested (positive result). The other was seeking medical diagnosis for an unrelated condition and was tested as part of that admission process (positive result). Both individuals immediately self reported.

Our contract tracing and protocols (in alignment with CDC, VT DOH and ACCD) dictated isolating all employees determined to have had close contact with these two individuals — an additional 15 people. NorthStar conservatively defaulted to an isolation period of 14 days. This period has ended, all those involved have since tested negative, and have all been cleared for return to work.

We worked closely with the Vermont State Epidemiologist and her team, and were able to provide immediately all needed information for their additional contact tracing/point of origin efforts.

Like most organizations and persons affected by the pandemic, we pledge to continue to have sound prevention/mitigation, and all appropriate controls in place to protect our staff as well as the surrounding community.

We currently have no impacts from COVID-19, and I’ll keep you promptly informed if that status changes.