Capital plan committee members needed:    Volunteers are needed for Vernon's Capital Plan committee. The committee holds several meetings late in the year  to assess and make reccomendations  for large ( over ten thousand dollar ) items requested by town departments. Please submit a letter of interest to Town Administrator Shelly Walker  by e mailing Appointments will be made at a regular select board meeting.


Selectboard Meeting July 21, 2020

Vernon Selectboard Meeting July 21, 2020. Minutes are here. Please scroll down for annotated agenda.

I. Call to Order

0:00:08 – Regular Meeting / Welcome /Pledge of Allegiance

0:00:42 – Additions to the Agenda

0:01:18 – Chairs Remarks

0:02:04 – Open Public Comments (Agenda items only)

0:02:13 – Guests

II. Department/Committee Report

0:02:28 – A. Update from State Representative Sara Coffey

0:16:14 – B. Update from Mark Snow and David Emery on COVID 19 situation.

0:23:55 – C. Update from Seth Deyo on Recreation Department Activities

0:24:07 – III. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

IV. Treasurer’s Report

0:25:35 – Bills and Warrants: 2T Accounts Payable – $73,588.41 27S Payroll-$11,988.95 28S Payroll-$12,908.91 V. New Business

0:26:14 – A. Solid Waste Committee Q & A with Sandra Rulewich

0:44:08 – B. Town Common Area Maintenance (Memorial and Gazebo)- Chad Mulverhill of the Memorial Committee

1:05:31 – C. Sensitivity and Harassment Training

1:12:35 – D. State of Vermont House Bill 942

1:16:18 – E. Republican Caucus use of Town Office VI. Old Business

1:17:29 – A. Follow-up on Compensatory Time Discussion with Town Treasurer Cindy Turnley

1:18:00 – VII. Public Participation (non-agenda items only)

1:18:04 – VIII. Correspondence

1:18:09 – IX. Town Administrator Report X. Upcoming Meeting Schedule Tuesday, August 4, 2020 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, August 18, 2020 6:30 p.m.

1:23:40 – XI. Adjournment