Larock Proposed Permit: Please view the document below for more information:  Larock Proposed Permit


Town Clerk’s message for May 2020

As of this writing, the Vernon Town offices remain closed to the public. The state’s latest guidelines, however, allow property researchers, one at a time, by appointment, to enter the Town Clerk’s office. The research times have been limited to Wednesday and Thursday, with the researcher wearing a mask and gloves. The Town Clerk will get all the information, including copies needed. The office will be disinfected before and after each researcher coming in, and the bathrooms are for town staff use only.

If you have not registered your dog, PLEASE get it done. All you need is a rabies vaccination certificate, and the proper fee, $9 for spayed and neutered dogs, and $13 for those who are not fixed. Late fees are being waived while the stay at home order is in place. If you have a payment for taxes, dogs, or any other purpose, you can either mail the payment to 567 Governor Hunt Road in Vernon, or use our new payment drop box on the Governor Hunt Road side of the building. We ask that you put your check in an envelope, and write your name on the outside.

The Vermont Secretary of States office and the Governor are working out the final details for  the August primary and November general election. It’s safe to say, there will likely be a larger emphasis placed on ballots by mail. We are asking you request an early ballot for both elections, and you can do that on line at .