Dog Licenses: Dog license renewal letters have been mailed to all k9 owners , with the deadline for licensing without penalty to be April first. Remember, Vermont law says all dogs six months of age and older must be licensed every year, with a copy of the dog's current rabies certificate on file at the Town Clerk's office. Spayed and Nedutered dogs can be licensed for $9 neach, and unspayed or neutered for $13 each. After April firsat, the fee goes up to $11 and $17 Here's a copy of the license applicaton form.      


Selectboard Meeting April 7, 2020

Here is the video of the Vernon Selectboard meeting held via the Zoom meeting platform on April 7 2020. Minutes are available here. Please scroll down for annotated agenda.

00:08 – Call to Order
00:40 – Additions to Agenda
01:48 – Chair’s Remarks
03:37 – Open Public Comments
03:45 – Guests
04:30 – Committee Reports
06:36 – Committee Reports: COVID-19 Update
25:44 – Approval of Minutes
32:40 – Treasurer’s Report: Bills and Warrants
34:13 – New Business: Update & Report of Special Mtg 3/27/20
34:32 – New Business: Town Policies Update & Review Process
35:11 – New Business: Defer Bid Opening on John Deere until 4/21/20
36:32 – New Business: Increase in Hours for Sheriff’s Dept
49:40 – New Business: Declaration of State of Emergency
55:30 – New Business: Zoom Payment and Subscription Account to Town Accounts
1:05:37 – New Business: Cold Brook Liquor License Renewal
1:07:28 – Executive Session: Fund Request
1:08:12 – Rise from Executive Session
1:09:13 – Old Business: Town Administrator Recruitment Discussion
1:28:19 – Old Business: Review of Preschool & After School Staff Payroll
1:37:15 – Town Administrator’s Report
1:41:37 – Upcoming Meetings