Free child care at town meeting: Town Meeting is Monday at 630 PM in the Vernon School Gym There will be free child care in the school Auditorium.


Vernon Selectboard meetings to be available via Zoom

The Selectboard meetings from this day forward will be on the electronic meeting platform Zoom. To attend, you need to obtain an invitation — here’s you you do that and then use the Zoom platform.  

Those wishing to attend and participate in any meeting must email Town Administrator Tom Guerino at this address: and state that you wish to attend Select Board meetings electronically. If you are going to attend the meeting on the device attached to the email address you are using to write to Tom, he will add that address to the Invitation. If you are going to use a device that responds to another email address, write — “Use this address in the Invite: [then specify (e.g.]” If you want Tom to invite others as well as you, list those addresses as well and he will include them. Make sure you have their permission. Tom will include those email addresses on the invitation to the meeting.

Note: all Zoom meetings will be recorded, so that by joining the meeting you are agreeing to the fact that your participation, if any, will be heard and seen by the public. If you activate a camera on your phone or other device during the meeting, you will be seen as well as heard. So if you participate, there is no assurance of privacy. This is a public meeting. When available, the recordings will be posted for viewing later on, on the unofficial town website,

When you receive the invitation by email, open the email. In the message on the top right side is a button to accept the invitation. Click that. A screen will open with a few buttons, click on join meeting. Another prompt will come on giving you a choice to activate software or join via the web. Important: you must have Safari or Google Chrome.

If you are on your computer and it is right before the meeting, simply click “join meeting on web.” Then there will be another button again to join the meeting. Finally, a screen will appear with you on it, again choose “join” if prompted. It may also tell you that someone will let you in, just wait.

If you are on a phone or tablet, you must download and install the app, which is free, either from the Apple Store or Android Store. You’ll need your username and password for either store. Once downloaded just follow the join meeting prompts.

When you receive an invite, even if the meeting is not for hours or days, you can accept and proceed as if you are joining the meeting so that you can see how it works and take your time navigating any obstacles. If it is not just before the meeting and you are stuck, call Tom and he might be able to assist. 508.509.1377.

When you are in the meeting: Leave your mike muted so as not to have everyone listen to what is going on in your house, kids playing, dogs barking, radio in the background, not to mention all of that being recorded! If you have a pertinent question in the discussion, unmute your mike and say your name, then wait for the Chair to recognize you before proceeding with your comment or question. If you forget to mute the mike, Tom can do so, and will. If you then wish to comment or ask a question, you can unmute yourself. (If you don’t want to be seen, within the Zoom window you can turn off your device camera.)

Finally, in addition to allowing all to access the meeting by the above, as of today the new state law does not require a physical location for the meeting to be conducted. Thus, the meetings will be hosted either from Tom’s home, Town Offices, or another suitable location.

Once again, the platform the Select Board will be using can be found at

Tom Guerino, Interim Town Administrator

Vernon, VT — 802.257.0292 ext. 12 or 508.509.1377 (cell)