Larock Proposed Permit: Please view the document below for more information:  Larock Proposed Permit


Selectboard Meeting March 17, 2020

Here is the video of the Vernon Selectboard meeting held on March 17, 2020. Minutes will be added when available. Please scroll down for annotated agenda.

0:00:08 – Call to Order

0:00:15 – Pledge of Allegiance

0:00:46 – Additions/Changes to the Agenda

0:02:50 – Chair Remarks

0:03:57 – Open Public Comments
David Emery and Mark Snow, COVID-19 update
State Rep. Sarah Coffey, COVID-19 update – 0:25:04
Gordon Christiansen (Edward Jones) Bond Information – 0:36:04

0:39:29 – Department/Committee Report
David Walker Annual Road Inventory Attesting

0:43:59 – Approval of Minutes
Regular Meeting – 2020

0:44:41 – Treasurer’s Report
Bills and Warrants

0:45:41 – New Business
I. Welcome new member Michael Root
II. Recreation Department Old Lawnmower bid discussion
III. Compensation for Pre-school teachers during pandemic
IV. Update Town Officials Contact Information Sheet
V. Amend Resolution for Municipal Planning Grant
VI. Appointment of Vernon Representation to the Windham Regional Commission
VII. Hannah Gantt, Town Picnic Discussion (tabled)
VIII. Solid Waste Committee Appointments
IX. Direct Mailers to Vulnerable Vernon Residents

1:08:06 – Old Business
I. Discussion – updating & review of Town & Selectboard Policies (tabled)
II. Discussion on Town Administrator Recruitment

1:20:50 – Public Participation

1:20:55 – Correspondence

1:21:00 – Town Administrator Report

1:37:53 – Upcoming Meeting Schedule
Special Meeting – March 31st, 2020 – 6:30pm
Regular Meeting – April 7th, 2020 – 6:30pm