Free child care at town meeting: Town Meeting is Monday at 630 PM in the Vernon School Gym There will be free child care in the school Auditorium.


2020 Town Meeting results

Here’s a rundown on the votes taken at Monday night’s Vernon Town Meeting. For complete text of the articles, see the warrant posted here.

Articles 1-3: These are being voted on by Australian ballot today, March 3

Article 4: General fund expenditure of $1,894,285: PASSED

Article 5: Library expenditure of $87,453: PASSED

Article 6: Library Trustee for unexpired one year term: IAN HEFELE elected

Article 7: Library Trustee for unexpired three year term: ELAINE DIETRICH elected

Article 8: Library Trustee for a three-year term: JOANNE LEVEILLE elected

Article 9: Marsh Fund Committee: JAMES BROWN, SANDRA HARRIS elected

Article 10: Memorial Day Committee: PETER & ANGELA MILLER elected

Article 11: Capital plan funding of $252,923: PASSED

Article 12: Shall the town continue to provide curbside trash collection? PASSED

Article 13: Passed over (only relevant if Article 12 is defeated)

Article 14: Shall the town continue curbside recycling: PASSED

Article 15: Funding of $108,000 for municipal building refuse, curbside recycling and compost recycling: PASSED

Article 16: Funding of $14,518 for Windham Solid Waste District: PASSED

Article 17: Establishment of an Emergency Repair/Replacement Fund: PASSED

Article 18: Funding of $10,000 for the Emergency Repair/Replacement Fund: PASSED

Article 19: Elimination of the office of Lister: Passed over (article not voted on)

Article 20: Adding “industrial scale development” to the purpose of the Professional Services Fund: PASSED

Article 21: Appropriation of $100,000 for the Town Road Upgrading Fund: PASSED

Article 22: Appropriation of $40,000 for the Town Culvert Fund: PASSED

Article 23: Appropriation of $2,500 for the Town Parking Lots Maintenance Fund: PASSED

Article 24: Appropriation of $5,000 for the Elderly Assistance Fund: DEFEATED

Article 25: Appropriation of $1,100 for the Vernon Historians: PASSED

Article 26: Appropriation of $2,000 for a public Fireworks display: (a) An amendment to increase this to $5,000 was DEFEATED; (b) the article with the sum of $2,000 was DEFEATED.

Article 27: Appropriation of $3,250 for the Visiting Nurse & Hospice of VT & NH: PASSED

Article 28: Appropriation of $15,000 for the Emergency Management Office: PASSED

Article 29: Appropriation of $15,000 for the Vernon Farmland Protection Fund: PASSED

Article 30: Change in the Cusick Scholarship requirements language, from $1,000 per eligible student to an “amount … determined based on money available.” PASSED

Article 31: Settting of payment dates for real estate taxes: PASSED

Article 32: To authorize notice of availability of the Town Report by postcard to residents, rather than mailing of the full Town Report: PASSED