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Vernon Free Library news for March 2020


  • Monday 1-6pm                                               
  • Tuesday 9-noon & 1-6                                                         
  • Wednesday 1-6pm                                                               
  • Thursday 1-6pm                                               
  • Friday – CLOSED                                                               
  • Saturday 9-12 noon


  • Coloring Club – Every Monday @ 1pm
  • Cribbage Club – Every Wednesday @ 11am
  • Children’s Knitting Group – Tuesdays @ 2:45pm
  • Knitting Group – Every Wednesday 1-2pm
  • Reading Group – 2nd Thursday of the month @ 5pm
  • Rhyme Time – Every Monday @ 10:30 am for ages 0 to 3 yrs. & siblings

“I think that the health of our civilization … and our concern for the future can be tested by how well we support our libraries.” — Carl Sagan

Visit our ongoing BOOK SALE in the Library Lobby. Along with books there are puzzles and DVDs.

Reading Group will be meeting Thursday, March 12th at 5 pm at Vernon Free Library.

“[A] magic kingdom of Victorian murder and intrigue.”—The New York Times Book Review

“Thomas Pitt is now the powerful head of Britain’s Special Branch, and some people fear that he may have been promoted beyond his abilities. His own self-doubt is fueled by rumors of a plot to blow up connections on the Dover-London rail line, on which Austrian duke Alois Habsburg is soon to travel. But why destroy an entire train to kill one obscure Austrian royal? Are the rumors designed to distract police from an even more devastating plot? Meanwhile, in a London sickroom, an old Italian woman is terrified that as she sinks into dementia, she may divulge secrets from her career as a revolutionary spy. And behind the doors of a stately manor, a beautiful young Croatian woman hoards mysteries of her own. Pitt and his clever wife, Charlotte, need these two fascinating women to tell them things they desperately need to know—before death and terror ignite an international catastrophe.” Amazon

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MONDAY, MARCH 2nd @ 6:30 & if needed WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4th @ 6:30