Dog Licenses: Dog license renewal letters have been mailed to all k9 owners , with the deadline for licensing without penalty to be April first. Remember, Vermont law says all dogs six months of age and older must be licensed every year, with a copy of the dog's current rabies certificate on file at the Town Clerk's office. Spayed and Nedutered dogs can be licensed for $9 neach, and unspayed or neutered for $13 each. After April firsat, the fee goes up to $11 and $17 Here's a copy of the license applicaton form.      


A Town Picnic update

From Hannah Gantt, organizer of the Vernon Town Picnic and Fireworks:

I am looking for people who are willing to serve on a committee to help organize the Town Picnic and Fireworks. Many hands last year made lighter work and was much appreciated! But I can not do it alone this year, so please sign up to help out!

The picnic happens on June 27. I’m hoping to have the first meeting early in March, and then monthly or possibly bi-weekly as we get closer. 

We have $1,389 in funding available; to put on fireworks, we’ll need a minimum of $5,000. Anyone who is able to contribute can do so by donating at the Treasurer’s office, earmark your donation for “Town Picnic” in the memo line.

To volunteer, or with questions/suggestions, please contact me at (802)579-2279 or

Photo by Tony Gumbel. Used under Creative Commons License.