Free child care at town meeting: Town Meeting is Monday at 630 PM in the Vernon School Gym There will be free child care in the school Auditorium.


Want to run for office in Vernon? Candidate petitions are now available.

Town Clerk Tim Arsenault has announced that petitions and candidate consent forms are now available for Vernon’s March 5 town election. To be included on the ballot, you need to collect valid signatures from one percent of the town’s registered voters (or a minimum of 19 voters’ signatures). You may obtain forms at the Town Clerk’s office, which is open Monday through Thursday: 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (but is closed on New Year’s Day).

The following are positions that will be decided on election day.

Select Board  3 yearSandra Harris
Select board 2 yearJeff Dunklee
School Board  3 yearWalter Breau
School board  2 year                                                               Kerry Amidon
School board  last 2 of unexpired 3 year Hannah Rosinski
School board last 1 of unexpired 2 yearChad Mulverhill
Town Clerk  3 yearTimothy Arsenault
Lister  3 yearCarrol Hammond
Lister  1 year unexpired 3 year termVACANT
Town Moderator   1 yearTimothy Arsenault
School Moderator  1 yearTimothy Arsenault
First Constable 1 yearPeter Crossmon
Second Constable 1  yearScott Lane
Delinquent Tax Collector 1 yearMarylynn Scherlin
Town Agent 1 yearVACANT
Grand Juror 1 yearVACANT

Petitions must be  turned in by 5 PM on Monday January 28th.