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Meet Michelle Pong, our new town administrator

I am excited to begin working for this wonderful community. From my early employment at Vermont Yankee and the friends I had in town to lazy summer afternoons at the pool and picnics at the park, there was a lot of time spent here in my youth. My memories of Vernon are special to me and it’s almost like coming home.

Vernon is going through some interesting changes in the wake of Vermont Yankee’s closure. But this town is not defined by a single industry, it’s defined by the many industries and businesses that base their operations here, it’s defined by the people who create a sense of community and family and history, and it’s the new opportunities that will ensure financial stability for all residents.

I am fortunate to work with skilled and talented staff who are willing to share their experience and knowledge. I am honored to be working for you with the dedicated elected and appointed officials who volunteer their time and their skills to promote the goals of residents and solidify a promising future for this exceptional community.

My office is located in the Town Office building behind the Town Clerk, Tim Arsenault. My door is always open and I welcome the chance to meet you.