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Snowshoeing, anyone?

By Bronna Zlochiver

I never set foot on a pair of snowshoes until I moved to Vermont and was invited to try it out. The winter of 2009-2010 was perfect for venturing out on snowshoes for the first time, which I did in Guilford with my former neighbor Mikey Caron and another friend. I was immediately smitten, what a great way to be outdoors and get some fantastic aerobic exercise, too.

I know there are some good trails in Vernon and neighboring towns, though I do not know where they are. That is why I want to get a group together. If you know some good trails and are interested in joining me, please contact me by phone at 579-1567 or by email at I hope to be out there after the first good snow.

Photo by emilymason509, used under Creative Commons license