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Holiday Giving Tree

The Vernon Town Clerk’s Office, the Vernon Free Library and Vernon Girl Scout Troop #40907 have joined together to organize a “Giving Tree” in Vernon for the 2015 Holiday Season.

We have identified individuals of varied ages within our community and beyond that are in need of assistance. The “Giving Tree” will be set up in the Vernon Town Office Foyer during the first week of December. Those who participate will select a gift tag from the tree and visit the Town Clerk’s Office or Vernon Library to fill out the Giving Tree Registry Sheet.

To keep track of the gift tags and gifts, we will require each participant to fill out their name, contact information and the assigned gift tag number. The numbered gift tags will also have information for each individual such as: age, gender, needs/requests, etc.

You are not obligated to fulfill the needs or requests given, but we do ask that you consider the information on the gift tag when making your gift choices. Gift tags will be ready to take beginning on December 7.

Plan to wrap your gift, attach the corresponding gift tag and bring your wrapped gift to the Town Office no later than December 21. Please check in with the Town Clerk’s Office or the Library, so your gift can be marked on the registry sheet as received.

Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office or the Vernon Library if you have questions. Thank you for your help and participation with this project. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.